Accident Investigation Services in UK

At Ultra Services Group, we know the impact that a significant accident or incident can have on a company’s operations, staff morale, and finances; and we want to ensure that you and your staff benefit from the use of effective investigative techniques which can significantly reduce accidents by identifying and treating the Root Cause, not just the obvious ones.

A large number of repeat or similar type incidents could have been prevented if a thorough accident investigation had been carried out the first time. Accident investigation is often seen as a costly burden, so many companies ‘jump to solutions’ in order to complete the Accident Investigation Services in UK quickly and put some new control measures in place.

This fails to identify and treat the less obvious, underlying factors, such as failures in policies, procedures, training, maintenance routines, and communications, which may have occurred days, weeks or even months earlier, and which if untreated will result in a similar accident occurring in the future.

Accident Investigation

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