Health & Safety Management

The most successful companies and organisations recognise that there is a link between the identification and control of risk, the general health of their staff and the success of their business; and as such will develop their health and safety management systems as an integral part of their operational organisation.

Your system should reflect the way that you operate and contain policies and procedures that are concise and functional, not wordy and confusing. It should contain evidence that you are being proactive in your approach to health and safety in your workplace i.e. audits and inspections, risk assessments and reviews, and staff training records; and supported by your Health and Safety Plan for the current year detailing how you will manage health and safety and implement necessary changes and control measures. It does not need to comply with any external certification standards unless you are contractually obliged, or wish to do so.

The Health and Safety Executive now favour a Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to management as it achieves a balance between the systems and the behavioural aspects which determine how your staff will respond to changes in their working environment, the learning of new skills and their compliance with rules and regulations.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Carry out a Risk Profiling visit to understand your company’s operation.
  • Look at your industrial and contract requirements.
  • Submit a draft outline of policies and documents required.
  • Review your existing policies and procedures against your draft health and safety management system requirements.
  • Help you to develop an effective management system which reflects your business operation.
  • Support implementation of system roll-out and training.
  • Carry out a review of the risks associated with your operation.
  • Discuss additional obligations for auditing, reporting, and training.
  • Review existing system format and contents.
  • Agree an outline for the new system.
  • Agree a plan for the development of missing policies and procedures or those requiring revision.
  • Agree a programme for delivery and implementation.

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