Risk Assessment Services

A legal requirement of all new health & safety legislation, the use of Risk Assessment is fundamental to the successful management of health and safety. This process involves the identification of potential hazards associated with a process, activity or area, identifying the people who are likely to be exposed to these hazards, evaluating the associated risks and then introducing appropriate workplace precautions to control the identified risks.

It is a way to ensure you are being proactive with your health and safety management and compliance rather than addressing problems after they have caused harm. It requires you to look ahead at what could go wrong, before it actually has and then to decide if the measures you are already taking are adequate or if there is more that you could reasonably do to make the task, process or area safer.

If completed correctly, the hazard identification will help the assessor to identify significant risks which require formal assessment. A paper cut would not normally warrant an assessment unless it was happening very frequently, or the environment in which it occurs causes a bigger risk i.e. a cut in a laboratory could allow bacteria or chemicals to enter the body.

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