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At Ultra Services Group, we believe that no one knows your business better than you, but we understand risk and the need to manage it. We specialise in delivering a diverse range of security and safety risk management services which can help you to make a real change to your company’s risk culture.

From our initial assessment on site, we will be with you every step of the way, working closely with you to assess your key risks and develop an effective risk strategy that mitigates the potential impacts upon your employees, finances, assets and reputation, and expedites your company’s recovery following a crisis.

And, after the crisis has passed, we will still be there, helping you to evaluate what went well and where things need to improve; assisting you to make the changes which will enhance your future resilience.

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To engender culture change to protect lives and business assets through cost-effective, efficient.

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Exceed customer expectations with the quality of our service and support.

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You worked long and hard to make your
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As a leading provider of safety, security and risk management solutions, Ultra Services Group are committed to protecting your business and employees. Whether you are in Start-Up phase or established but needing help to move forward as part of your Continuous Improvement programme, we can provide you with practical and effective consultancy and training services that enable you to take your business forward secure in the knowledge that your staff and visitors are safe.

Our flexible approach to consultancy means that whether you need a solution to a specific issue, or a longer-term partnership arrangement as your competent assistance, we can help. Working with you to develop bespoke solutions and systems, Ultra Services Group will ensure that risk management is firmly established as an integral part of your business. With our integrated approach to managing technical, human and organizational factors, Ultra Services Group is a full range supplier of services within safety, security and other key risk management services.


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