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Specialist Guarding | Security Services

Ultra Services Group’s Specialist Security personnel have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of security situations. Generally, those employed in these specialist roles will be ex-military, Police or have extensive security experience and can manage difficult situations with a common sense approach.

Where necessary, and to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided at all times, additional training is provided in line with contract and project requirements.

As a minimum, all security personnel will hold the appropriate Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence and be vetted in line with BS 7858 2012.

Our Specialist Security Services include:

Close Protection | Bodyguards

  • Whether you require an obvious bodyguard as a visual deterrent, or a discrete shadow to support you during your business day, Ultra Services Group can provide you with a high quality close protection solution.
  • Our collaborative approach ensures that we offer a bespoke close protection service designed for your maximum safety and security.
  • All of our Close Protection Officers are fully trained, licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and formerly briefed before each assignment
  • Ultra Services Group can secure your event, from the initial set up, for the duration of the event and even during close down.
  • Our Event Security Management Team will work with you to ensure the security of your event; carrying out pre-event assessments; developing Event Management Strategies to protect assets and personnel, including close protection arrangements; and even supporting a post-event review of the security provision.
  • Our licenced security officers / stewards are trained to search for illegal substances or weapons.
  • All of our security officers hold a valid First Aid qualification and can contribute to your emergency response during the event.
  • In addition to the security of the event activity, Ultra Services Group can provide you with trained stewards who can help to manage traffic on site.
  • Ultra Services Group have a wide range of experience in assisting clients to manage protestor action affecting their premises/sites.
  • Our licenced and trained security personnel will receive additional instruction in line with your requirements and the nature of the threat. This can include physical orientation on site if required.
  • Our Security Management Team will work with you to prepare your business to deal with the protest, help you to analyse any potential impacts of the protest and plan your response.
  • Ultra Services Group provide a range of training courses for companies and individuals in the UK and Worldwide.
  • Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced in their subject areas and are uniquely positioned to provide delegates with extensive industry experience.
  • Our security and risk management training programs help companies and individuals develop key areas and skills and thereby minimise risks and corporate exposure.


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