Business Travel Safety

You as an employer have a Common Law duty to take reasonable care of your employees whilst they are working overseas. You are therefore required to ensure that they are not subject to unnecessary risks. So how do you do this? We can help you with Business Travel Safety & Risk Management.

Business Travel Safety Services

Travel Risk Management

  • Review and update existing policies and procedures
  • Prepare a documented risk management tool for use when planning travel to:
    1. Assist senior managers in identifying and managing travel risk;
    2. Provide reassurance to travellers and their families and;
    3. Demonstrate to external stakeholders that travel risk is manged effectively (e.g. HSE, insurers etc)
  • Develop incident response framework that considers the strategic, tactical and operational response of the client
  • Deliver travel safety awareness to your employees ensuring they are full briefed on how to deal with all incidents

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