Competent Assistance Service

The law requires all employers to appoint at least one competent person to help them meet their health and safety legal duties. Competent assistance can come from inside or outside of your business, but should have the skills, knowledge and experience to recognise the hazards present in your workplace and be able to help you put sensible control measures in place to protect workers and others from harm. As an employer, the use of external resources does not absolve you of your legal duties for health & safety.

It is preferable to utilise in-house resources where possible, in fact in a small company this may fall to the employer themself. However, it can take time for your designated person to gain the qualifications, experience and competence to deal with all of the issues that your company may encounter, so Ultra Services Group offer a Competent Assistance Service to support you in the interim.

Our collaborative approach to creating a safe workplace means that by working with you and your staff, we will ensure that your health and safety management arrangements mirror the way that you manage your business.

At Ultra Services Group, our consultants are qualified and experienced in a range of business sectors and will use their business acumen to apply this knowledge in a way that is bespoke to your company and the way that it operates, rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Competent Assistance for Health and Safety

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