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Our Reviews

Highly Recommended

We were very impressed with the drug testing services. They were able to help us implement a new drug testing program quickly and efficiently, and they provided us with excellent customer service throughout the entire process. 


Business Compliant

Barry has helped us to stay compliant with the latest drug testing regulations. The team is always up-to-date on the latest regulations, and they have helped us to make sure that our drug testing program is compliant with all applicable laws.


Reducing Costs

Barry has helped us to reduce our costs associated with drug testing. The team offers competitive prices, and they have helped us to find ways to reduce our costs. He has helped us to improve our employee retention rates. .


Policy Development

We work with you to develop a drug and alcohol policy that is robust, easy-to-understand, and aligned to your company culture and practices.

Employee Training

We offer a variety of training options to educate your employees on drug and alcohol awareness, collecting samples, and more.


We provide reliable and accurate drug testing services, including sample collection and laboratory analysis.


We provide comprehensive reporting options, including independent medical review of positive results, to help you take action on your drug testing program..