Press Release

Ultra Services Group expands its presence in the Waste Management Sector

Ultra Services Group is delighted to announce the start of its latest venture into the provision of manned and mobile security solutions for the Waste and Resource Management industry.

Working with one of the UK’s largest waste management companies, Ultra Services Group will be providing both physical and technological security solutions for a number of Waste Recycling Centres and Transfer Hubs in the Manchester and Wigan area, expanding upon its existing security management portfolio in the UK.

Barry Pryor of Ultra Services Group comments that in these financially trying times, the value of waste materials is becoming ever more attractive, leading to increases in the number of intrusions into, and theft from waste management sites, often resulting in expensive cleaning and repair costs, especially where waste-to-energy generators and control equipment are involved.
Our cost-effective solutions to site security are proving to be an effective deterrent in the management of theft from site.

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