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Ultra Services Group nominated for Client’s Global HSE Leadership Awards

As the only Contractor to be entered for these awards, Ultra Services Group, recognise the significance of this nomination and appreciate what it means to the staff involved.

Security Officers working on night shifts at the Rainham and Waverley sites spotted fires that had broken out on the surrounding landfill areas. Both officers responded promptly and alerted both the local fire services and the site operators, Veolia and FCC, respectively. They also arranged to meet the fire service at the site entrances and guided them out to the fires where the fire services were able to safely bring the fires under control.

“Both of these fires were not insignificant and would most likely have escalated into major incidents quite rapidly without the security guys’ initiative,” said EDL’s Operations Manager UK. “The resulting environmental impact, damage to the landfill and the infrastructure could have been costly to EDL and our customer’s business, in addition to the fire service having to deal with two larger-scale fires.”

Barry Pryor of Ultra Services Group added how proud he is of the Officers involved and that their confidence to respond in the correct manner is testimony to the Company’s ongoing focus on Governance, Training and Continuous Improvement.

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