Health and Safety Training in the Workplace

Every year, hundreds of people die at work, whilst over a million are injured or made ill by the jobs they do. Even though it is a legal requirement for employers to provide information and training, many of these incidents are caused by a lack of awareness of the risks associated with the work and/or the control measures in place to protect them from harm. Everyone has the basic right to go to work and know that they are safe and without risks to health.

Properly focused health & safety training, given to those who actually need it, before they are placed at risk, starting at Induction and refreshed as necessary, will go a significant way to protecting your workers and your business.

Good health & safety training should be considered as an investment that helps to create a positive culture where working safely becomes second nature. This in turn can help to avoid the disruption and financial costs that accidents and occupational ill-health can have upon your business.

Health and Safety Awareness Training

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